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Bulemoni Venkateshwarlu


Bulemoni Venkateshwarlu  (born 8 May 1973 in Charakonda,Mahbubnagar district, Andhra Pradesh, India), often known as B. Venkateshwarlu and Srivenkat, is a popular Telugu Cinema journalist, writer and a noted film director. He is the son of B. Kanakappa, who is a Government Primary School teacher. Hailing from Mahbubnagar District, Venkateshwarlu is successfully continuing his journalistic and media career from the past two decades. In recognition for his efforts in researching films he has been bestowed with the prestigious Nandi Award twice as Best Book Writer and Journalist by the government of Andhra Pradesh.

99hostersPersonal background

Venkateshwarlu was born to Bulemoni Kanakappa and Bulemoni Kamalamma and did his schooling at government primary and high school of Charakonda village, and later continued his academics at Narayanpet of Mahbubnagar district for higher studies. He completed his intermediate in Government Junior College, Narayanpet and Bachelor degree in Hyderabad. After that he completed his diploma in Journalism, he has completed his Diploma in Screenplay writing in Doordarshan Kendra, Ramanthapur, Hyderabad.

Recently he has finished his Diploma in Motion Picture Arts and Science from Academy of Art University, USA, 2008–09.

Venkateshwarlu has married Srilatha Kaveti on 13 December 1996, in Amanagal of Mahbubnagar District. He has two children Manvitha (daughter), and Kushalav Kumar (son).

Media career

Venkateshwarlu is an active participant in the arts. He is a good artist in painting, singing. He successfully dabbled in playwriting and playdirection in his school and college days.

He did exclusive research on Telugu Cinema and has written ‘Telugu Cinema Charitra’ (1997), and ‘Telugu Cinema Vythalikulu’ (2002) books. He has published and released those books with his own Nextstep Publications & Entertainments in respective years. For these two books he has received prestigious Nandi Awards from government of Andhra Pradesh.

He has also written another research book on Chilkur temples history as ‘Chilikuru Kshetra Charitra’ in 2004. This is the first full fledged research book on Chilkur Balaji Temple or Chilukuru Balaji Temple.

In 2005 Venkateshwarlu directed ‘Trivarnam-Every Indian Heartbeat’ patriotic video album in Telugu. This is the first patriotic video album in Telugu and has received great response in India and also abroad.

Venkateshwarlu has worked as Creative Director - Event Management, Press Relations & Content for Pyramid Saimira Theatre Limitedfrom 2006 to 2009. He was also worked as In-Charge of news and content for Saimira Access Technologies Limited (Pyramid Saimira Theatre Limited Group) instituted 'Hyderabad Saimira' website based on the spirit of Telugu people, Telugu Cinema and all Andhra Pradesh related content inclusive of Cultural, Sports, Political, Business, Technology and other various aspects.

Recently, Venkateshwarlu directed ‘Maisigandi Kshetra Charitra-Mythological Documentary film’ on Maisigandi Temple’s history in Telugu. It was released by Late Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Dr Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy on 21 July 2009.

Venkateshwarlu are working from Jan – 2006, as Resident Editor (Freelance ), for RaViSa info media instituted http://www.gomolo.in/cinema web portal.

Now, Mr. Venkateshwarlu Bulemoni are working as Director: Media Relations in The Federation of Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FAPCCI) from 2010.

Writers Guild of India

Writers Guild of India (WGI) was founded by writers for writers in 2009 to promote literature in India. Venkateshwarlu Bulemoni was unanimously elected as President for this Writers Guild of India.


Telugu Cinema Charitra

Telugu Cinema Charitra, (English: The History of Telugu Cinema) is a research book on Telugu Cinema History, by B. Venkateshwarlu, published in 1997. The book is considered one of the first major study of Telugu Film Industry between 1908 to 1995. First published in 1997, it was a thorough research book covering five major periods: Telugu Cinema in Silent Era (1912–1930), Early Tollywood (1931–1940), Golden Era (1941–1975), Commercial Culture in Telugu Cinema (1976–1995) and The Modern Era.

The book also includes articles on silent movies, world cinema, Bollywood, animation in Tollywood, parallel cinema, Telugu cinemalegends. Telugu Cinema Charitra book was selected for the prestigious Nandi Award by the government of Andhra Pradesh in 1997.

Telugu Cinema Vythalikulu

Telugu Cinema Vythalikulu, (English: The Legends of Telugu Cinema) is a research book on legendary personalities in Telugu Film Industry. It includes directors, actors, artists, producers and technicians and was published in 2002. The book is considered one of the major studies of Telugu Film Industry and film personalitis between 1908 to 2002.

The 'Telugu Cinema Vythalikulu' was published by Next Step Publications & Entertainments, Hyderabad and marketed by Vishalandra Publishing House, Prajashakti Publishing House and Navodaya Publishing House across the world.

First published in 2002, it covered 142 film legendary personalities from Telugu Cinema in Silent Era (1908–1930), Early Tollywood, (1931–1940), Golden Era, (1941–1975), Commercial Culture in Telugu Cinema (1976–2002) and The Modern Era. Telugu Cinema Vythalikulu was selected for the prestigious Nandi Awards by the government of Andhra Pradesh.

Chilkur Kshetra Charitra

Chilukuru Kshetra Charitra is a historical and research book on the powerful Chilkur Balaji Temple written by Bulemoni Venkateshwarlu in 2005. It was released by Nextstep Publications & Entertainments. It is the most authoritatibe book on the history of Chilkur Temple. The book has details about the stone inscriptions, its translations and historical evidences.

Telugu Cinema Aanimutyaalu

Telugu Cinema Aanimutyaalu is forthcoming research book on most popular films from Telugu Film Industry, India. For this book writer Bulemoni Venkateshwarlu has undertaken exclusive research on Telugu Films, as well as Telugu Film industry.


Kotha Paata


Un Employee Life painting.
Our Planet painting.

Research works

Venkateshwarlu had written a book on the history of Telugu Cinema titled Telugu Cinema Charitra in 1997.

He has written another book on the legendary persons of Telugu Cinema titled Telugu Cinema Vythalikulu in 2002.

He also wrote a book on the best films from Telugu Cinema titled Telugu Cinema Aanimutyalu. (being published)

Venkateshwarlu has written a devotional book on Chilkur Balaji Temple titled Chilukuru Kshetra Charitra in 2005.


TRI 2025 is a forthcoming Sci-Fi action thriller film.
Hi Hi Na.. is a forthcoming Mytho-Fantasy comedy film.

Tele Series

Alajadi is a thriller based action drama Television Series made in Telugu, written and directed by Bulemoni Venkateshwarlu in 2006. This TV Series was telecasted in MAA TV in 2006.

Music Album

Trivarnam (Every Indian Heartbeat) is a Patriotic Video Album directed by Bulemoni Venkateshwarlu, produced by Pirati Kondalarao and Pirati Naveen in the banner of Surya Celluloid’s in 2005. This is the first patriotic video album in Telugu.
Documentary Film

Maisigandi Kshetra Charitra is a Mythological documentary film made in Telugu, written and directed by Bulemoni Venkateshwarlu. The documentary was filmed in India. The documentary film was produced by Smt. Siroli Panthu Naik, and Co Produced by RP Jyothi. Dr. Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy, Late Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh released this Documentary film on 21 July 2009.

Telugu Cinema: Glory & Glitz is a forthcoming documentary film on Telugu Cinema industry Tollywood. Telugu Cinema Recognized world over as Tollywood, Telugu Cinema is the largest producer of films in the regional languages of India and is in good competition with movies made in India’s national language – Hindi.


Venkateshwarlu received prestigious Nandi Award from government of Andhra Pradesh as Best book writer and Best Film Critic in 1997 and 2002.

He had received Award as The Best Writer from Yuvakalavahini Cultural Organaisation in 1997.

Best Artist (Painting): He also received the prestigious Rajeev Gandhi Memorial Award and adjudged Best Artist for his painting of “Un-employee life” from Youth affairs, Government of India, in 1995.

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